Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Coaching

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I’m committed to helping you reach your goals while finding balance with your food and wellness. I do not believe in restricting food groups or needing to follow a specific “diet.” You do not need to track macros or calories to see results, but I do believe in starting there so that you can understand how much you need to eat to see results. Over time your food pattern and intake may change as you start to see results and/or discover what works for you, and that is exactly how it should be. If you have any additional information, please email me at

This is a monthly nutrition coaching service.

Nutrition coaching includes:

- Education in nutrition, wellness, and personal growth needed for success
- Weekly or bi-weekly in-person, phone, or skype sessions
- Weekly or bi-weekly follow up and food log via email and MyFitnessPal
- Biometrics analyzation (e.g. weight, measurements, photos)
- Customized nutrition and fitness strategy
- Goal setting and action steps
- Readjustment of nutrition strategy as needed

This service is for individuals that are ready to commit to the process and to financially invest in their health. There is a two month commitment required.

Once I review your application, I’ll contact you to set up your discovery call using the contact information provided on the form. If we decide you are a good fit during our call, we will begin the initial process and get you started!


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