Night Time Snack Routine

Do you have a night time snack routine? I love to eat at night. I don’t think there is anything worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a grumbly stomach. As much as I love it, If I’m not careful I can down a ton of excess calories that I don’t need.

This is the problem most people run into when it comes to night time snacking. They are usually distracted with their favorite shows and are not mindful with how much they are eating. Before they know it, they have eaten an entire container of snacks.

This practice done every night leads to unwanted weight gain. This is where many people get the idea that night time eating leads to weight gain. That’s not true. Night time eating done the right way does not lead to weight gain and can actually help a person lose weight.

If you enjoy eating at night, then consider planning your night time snack.

Night Time Snack Routine Balancing Bites Nutrition.jpg

Night Time Snacking Tips

  • allocate a certain amount of calories for a night time snack

  • save your favorite “treat” food/meal for your night time snack

  • weigh or measure your snack instead of eating out of the container

  • try intermittent fasting - instead of eating breakfast, save those calories for after dinner

  • eat fruits/veggies for your night time snack

  • eat a protein/fat rich snack at night for fullness

What are your favorite foods to eat at night?

— Right now, I’m loving Yasso bars. My favorite is all season flavor is cookie dough. My favorite all time is sugar cookie. It’s out around Christmas time.