Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #4 Recap

Happy 2019! Can you believe it’s January? This past year flew by. This weekend is my ytt #5. I have 5 more ytt’s then I’m done in March.

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #4 Recap - Balancing Bites Nutrition.png


The first half of Friday’s ytt was the same as usual. We began with a yoga session and feedback. The second half of class we discussed part 1 and 2 of the yoga sutras. We also broke into groups to discuss the sutra that best resonated with us.

A book that greatly helped me understand the yoga sutras is The Path of the Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman. It’s an easy read, and I highly recommend it.



Saturday’s class was so much fun. We began with our usual yoga session and feedback. Then we moved into balancing poses breakdown. I learned that I have being doing airplane pose wrong. The correct way, where your hips are aligned, is extremely hard.

We had a chakra flow workshop with Sheri Celentano. We also had a Q&A with her after the workshop. I loved it all. She is a fun and inspiring woman. I kind of want to be like her when I grow up. It was such a fun workshop.



Sunday began with meditation, some practice teaching, a yoga session, and feedback. Then we had the opportunity to discuss tools of the practice with Sheri. It was laid back and fun. We discussed just about every topic that had to do with yoga and teaching yoga.

The second part of ytt was a lotus workshop with Sheri. The flow was energetic and creative with poses that built on top of each other with one main purpose, opening the hips for lotus.

This was probably my favorite ytt weekend. If you have the opportunity to work with Sheri or take one of her workshops, I highly recommend it.



Homework consisted of reading part 3 and 4 of the yoga sutras. Reading and writing a 1-page paper on the chakra that resonated with us. Practice teaching from opening through balancing poses. Practice 5 sessions of yoga, 3 at studio, and 5 sessions of meditation, 10 minutes each, a week. We also had to ask up to 5 people interview questions regarding our strengths and abilities as part of our self-study.


This weekend

We will have our usual yoga sessions and meditations. We will discuss the yoga sutras part 3 and 4, the chakras we chose, and our self-study.

We will have pose breakdowns, anatomy, and practice teaching. We will also have an inversion workshop and learn how to teach inversions to beginners.