Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #3 Recap

Guys, I’m halfway through my yoga teacher training! I can hardly believe it. After this weekend, I’ll have three months left. It crazy how fast it is going by.


Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #3 Recap - Balancing Bites Nutrition.png


Friday’s YTT began like it does every Friday, we started with an hour long vinyasa class followed by feedback. In the beginning of our YTT when we started giving feedback, I wondered if the instructors would take our feedback serious and they actually do. I gave the teacher feedback three weeks ago and she actually implemented it. For this teacher, I told her when she walked around it felt like she was pacing which was distracting. This time she was more purposeful in her movements.

The second part of our training was a workshop on chakras and reiki. The teachers that taught this workshop had a calming presence that I really liked.

During one of the activities, we paired up with a partner and without touching and our eyes closed sent positive and bright vibes to the other person. My friend and I didn’t feel anything other than the heat from yoga class and bright lights from the overhead. Next, we were told to shut ourselves off from each other and to not send any vibes out. We felt coolness and darkness rush over us. We were shocked. We realized that the heat and brightness we felt minutes earlier was the energy we were sending out.



Saturday started with a vinyasa class and feedback. We covered the iliopsoas in our anatomy discussion, pose breakdown, and assist. For our philosophy and self-study, we discussed the yamas and niyamas and what resonated most with us.

I can honestly say I resonated with several of the yamas and niyamas, but the one that really hit home was tapas. Tapas is focused on self-discipline and asks us to continually grow and improve ourselves. This includes anything that will prompt us into a positive change. When we engage in tapas we feel heat from the burning of impurities. You become heated when engaging in exercising, when breaking old habits, when changing direction in life, or any other positive change.

After our self-study discussion, we broke into small groups and taught an opening sequence, sun A, and sun B then discussed how to cue a creative sequence. We ended our day with a short meditation.



Sunday started with a short meditation discussion then we broke off into small groups and created a guided meditation that will be shared with the class. We participated in a vinyasa class, either by taking the class or observation, and provided feedback.

After lunch, we learned the different poses for each chakra, demonstrated the poses, provided modifications, and how to assist. I really enjoyed that class. We ended with a meditation in the legs up the wall pose.



For homework, we were required to practice 5 sessions of yoga, 3 at the studio, each week and 5 sessions of 10-minute meditations. We read parts 1 and 2 of the yoga sutras and wrote a page on the sutra that we resonated most with, and how we can apply it to life. We were also asked to refine our practice teach sequence.


This weekend

This weekend we will discuss part 1 and 2 of the yoga sutras and how it resonated with us. We’ll cover pose breakdowns and self-study. We have a chakra flow and breakdown workshop. This will be our second weekend covering chakras and I’m really starting to get into them.

We also have a lotus flow workshop that sounds interesting. I’m loving the workshops. It’s fun to learn the different aspects of the yoga world.