Setting an Intention for 2019

I’m not a woo-woo type of person. The closest I get to woo-woo is yoga and meditation; and there are a ton of studies showing the benefits of yoga and meditation that appeases my analytical brain.

At the beginning of 2018, I decided to try my hand at setting an intention for the year. My intention was to live boldly and out of my comfort zone. Now that it’s December, I can honestly say it worked.

Setting a yearly intention has facilitated a path that has gotten me closer to where I want to be in life. It’s not the same as setting goals. Goals are more concrete and have deadlines. Intentions are more of a guiding principle of how to you want to live.


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 How to Set an Intention

  1. Reflect on the past year and where you are now in life. Think about the choices you’ve made that have led you to where you’re at.

  2. Spend some time journaling about how you feel with your life and where you want to be in the future. Think about dreams you have and want to accomplish. Don’t edit your thoughts. Write down whatever comes to mind.

  3. Write a few words or phrases that sums up your intentions. Pick the one that fits the best.

  4. Meditate on this phrase. Journal ideas on how to integrate this intention in your life. Think of the phrase often.

  5. Trust that when you put your intention out into the universe it will come to pass. Understand you have to do the work, but I believe that what we focus on we manifest.


How I’ve Used my Intentional Phrase

Last December, I spent some time reflecting on 2017 and journaling what I wanted 2018 to feel like. I say feel because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted to accomplish more in my professional life, relationships, fitness/yoga, and self-development. For most of those areas, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to accomplish I just knew I wanted more.

I chose the phrase to live boldly and out of my comfort zone. I meditated on this phrase and thought about it often. Anytime I had an opportunity to push myself, I thought about my intention and I did it.

For example, I spent a couple of months working on forearm stand. I was using the wall as a prop and was getting nowhere. It dawned on me that what I needed was to learn how to fall so that I could get away from the wall. I knew once I learned how to fall then I would learn how to balance. Of course, there was fear in learning how to fall. No one likes to fall over.

I remembered my intention to live boldly and out of my comfort zone. This was an opportunity to get uncomfortable so that I could accomplish more in my yoga practice. The first time I practiced without the wall, I held the pose for a few seconds and I learned how to fall over without getting hurt.

It was a huge success and confirmed I was on the right track with my intention.



Here are a few intentions to help you think of some:

  • To live with purpose

  • To love unconditionally

  • To have faith in myself and the universe

  • To forgive myself and others

  • To be open to success and abundance

  • To love myself

  • To seek understanding

  • To lead by example


You can also set an “I am” intention such as:

  • I am at peace

  • I am powerful

  • I am creative

  • I am strong

  • I am financially stable

  • I am understanding

  • I am positive

  • I am courageous

  • I am a champion

  • I am loved


Let me know what intention you intend to set.