2018 Year-End Review

2018 Year End Review - Balancing Bites Nutrition.png

 Year-End Review

I’m a big fan of conducting year-end reviews and setting intentions. I have only recently started doing them and I noticed a huge change in my life and in myself.

Last December, was the first time I completed a year-end review. I used Boho Berry’s December year-end review as a way to jump start my reflection. I found her prompts helpful to reflect on the past year and set an intention for the next year. It’s fun to look back on the year and see how much progress I’ve made.

She set up the challenge so that the first half reviews 2018 and the second half works toward planning and preparing for 2019. She meant for the challenge to be daily journal prompts, but you can use it however you like. I like to work on them in chunks. I complete the first 16 in one setting, then finish the rest on another day.

Check out her website for the expanded version of the prompts. Also, she runs the challenge on Instagram. You might find it useful to see other people’s responses.

Boho Berry Year End Review - Balancing Bites Nutrition.png


At the beginning of the year, I set an intention to live boldly and out of my comfort zone. This was the first time I had set a yearly intention, so I wasn’t sure if I would stick with it. It turns out, I did and most of my decisions were weighed against that intention.

Here’s a rundown of what living boldly and out of my comfort zone resulted in (keep in mind, I didn’t go too crazy):

-       Started an MBA program

-       Quit MBA program

-       Dyed my hair purple because my daughter asked me to do it with her

-       Started an LLC

-       Started a business profile on social media accounts

-       Started yoga teacher training

-       Said yes to business opportunities

-       Drastically cut back on weight training and started practicing yoga more

I don’t feel like I pushed myself too far out of my comfort zone, but enough to gain some momentum. I have some ideas of how I will continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone for the upcoming year.

I’m happy with what I accomplished this year and look forward to 2019.