My Yoga Experience and Yoga Teacher Training #1

I discovered yoga over 10 years ago when I was in the middle of my dietetic internship. I was completing a wellness rotation that required me to audit outpatient wellness classes from one of the local hospitals in Las Vegas.

I chose to audit a yoga class to see what it was like. Back then I was a runner and I thrived on intensity. When the teacher asked me what I thought of yoga, I mistakenly told the her I thought it was nothing more than stretching.

The teacher smiled sweetly at me and promised a session that would have me sweating. Needless to say, she kicked my behind.

It was hard, but also the best.

It reminded me of the runners high I would get from running long distances, but even better. I felt and still feel an emptiness almost like I’m being cleanse from the inside out. It’s amazing.  

For the last couple of years, I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a certified teacher, but did not voice it until earlier this year. I was nervous to tell my husband, but he was completely onboard and supportive.

My Yoga Experience and Yoga Teacher Training #1 - Balancing Bites Nutrition.png

 I went into yoga teacher training with no expectations. My goal was to be openminded to whatever came my way. My first weekend of classes was fun and exhausting. My classmates and I jump straight into yoga sessions, philosophy, pose breakdowns, and practice teaching.

For homework, we were required to read sections from 3 text books, memorize Sun A and Sun B sequences, practice yoga 5 days/week with 3 days in the studio, meditate at least 5 minutes a day, and write 1-2 pages on the stories we tell ourselves (our limiting beliefs).

The week after yoga training I had a difficult time catching up with chores and work and getting back to my routine. I completely felt lost with my workout schedule. As much as I love to lift weights and practice yoga, I don’t like to spend too much time working out.

I had to switch my training schedule for the third time in 2 months. I changed weight training days to full body 2-days/week, 3-hour+ yoga sessions, and 2 40-minute yoga sessions a week and so far, it’s working out.

My next yoga teacher training classes is this weekend. I’m super busy, but I love it.