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Hi, I’m Shauna and welcome to Balancing Bites Nutrition. I’m a registered dietitian currently living in Hershey, PA with my husband and children.

I started my private practice to inspire and educate people on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle that promotes a balance in diet and wellness.

My goal is to meet people where they are in life, and encourage them to make meaningful changes that will lead to a happy and healthy life.

I believe we are most happy when there is a true balance in all aspects of our life from the food we eat, to our workout choices, and our home and professional life.

This site is for people that want to eat for health and happiness, be fit in body and mind, and strive for balance in every aspect of their lives.

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10 Facts About Me

1. I love nutrition and fitness, but I'm not a fanatic about it. 

2. I'm not a fan of food rules. 

3. I served in the military. 

4. I'm from Texas, and I miss it. 

5. I've been a dietitian since 2008. 

6. I've been married since 2001, and my children were born in 2010. 

7. I love lifting heavy weights and yoga. 

8. My favorite foods are steak, salad, and ice cream. 

9. I love to read. Harry Potter is my favorite book series. My second favorite is the Riyria Chronicles.

10.  I'm short, but I don't feel short. I'm 5'2". 

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