How To Make A Football Cake

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to plan our game day menu. If a cake is on your menu this Sunday, then I have a quick and easy football cake idea for you.

I was planning to make a football themed cake this year, but unfortunately I don’t have the ingredients and with the recent snow storm, I probably won’t make it to the store in time. Instead of a new cake, I’m reposting a favorite from last year’s football season.

Football Cake - Balancing Bites

This was a quick cake to put together. I used two 10” cakes and carved them into a football shape. Once I was happy with the shape of the cake, I rounded the top cake by carving the edges. I carved a little at a time so that I wouldn’t take too much off. I have a tendency to carve too much.

Football Cake - Balancing Bites

After I rounded the cake’s top layer, I set it aside and added the buttercream filling. I replaced the top layer on the cake and used the thin cake scraps, from carving, to form a small mound on the cake’s top layer. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Once you place the fondant on the cake it will look right.

Football Cake - Balancing Bites

Football Cake - Balancing Bites

Next I added a crumb coat using buttercream. Once the buttercream had crusted some, I smoothed the creases with a Viva paper towel.

I covered the cake with brown fondant and added white fondant laces. I used a 1” ribbon cutter to cut the big pieces and eyeballed the small pieces. I rubbed a small amount of water on the bottom side of the white fondant and placed them on the cake. The water acts as a glue and keeps the white fondant in place.

 Football Cake - Balancing Bites

Football Cake - Balancing Bites

If you really want to make a big impression, add green “grass” buttercream using a Wilton tip 233, or similar tip, around your football cake, or completely covering your cake board. You could also cover the cake board with green fondant.

Wilton Tip 233 - Balancing Bites

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