Another Move

The second part of 2014 was an eventful six months. In July, my husband began the long process of interviews that eventually resulted in him accepting a position in Pennsylvania and us moving for the second time in 15 months.

In the past 15 months, we moved from Las Vegas, NV (a place with extreme heat and no humidity), to Austin, TX (a place with high humidity and heat), and then to Hershey, PA (a place with extreme cold, at least to this southern girl).

A lot has happened these last few months. My husband started his new job. We bought a house. My kids turned four and started preschool. We now live near family, near as in across town near. And I’m learning what it is like to live in Pennsylvania, which is completely different from any other place I have lived.

Hershey, and the neighboring towns, is small and quaint and surrounded mostly by farms. Most of the roads are one lane and the speed limits are typically 35 mph. Hershey has Hershey Chocolate World and Hersheypark and the baked oatmeal is outstanding. 

Hershey and the surrounding towns have the nicest people I have ever met, for example it is common for cars to come to a dead stop and allow others to make a left turn despite the buildup of traffic. With all its charm, the one thing I seem to not get the hang of is the snow, ice and the complete lack of sunshine.

Snow falling is beautiful and at times magical. It seems to slow time and quiets the noise. But like all things beautiful and magical, it must end and reality steps in. The once beautiful white snow turns into brown slush that gets dirtier as the day progresses. Then overnight the disgusting snow turns into ice.

I’m sure y’all are wondering why I’m hating on snow and ice, but don’t fall for the deceitful beauty. Ice is like a ninja, invisible and deadly. It appears to you as wet asphalt then all of a sudden; you’re sliding, falling, and smashing into things.

Balancing Bites - The Beauty of Snow

Then there is the absent sun. I don’t mind the cold as long as the sun is out, but here in Pennsylvania the sun doesn't shine too often during winter.

When the sun does shine, finally, on a cold Pennsylvania morning, and the land is cast in a golden hue – the dew twinkles on grass blades, shadows dance beneath tall naked trees, kids ride their bikes in the streets, the bright light blinds our eyes, and the sun places warm kisses on our cheeks – there is that uneasy feeling of “it’s too good to be true:” that the sun is teasing us before it retreats back behind the clouds and we’re left in the dreariness of winter.

I miss the sun.

And summer. 

But I'm loving Hershey, PA. 


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