Goals and a Home Workout

For the past 16 weeks, I have been training to run the Austin Marathon. The race is next Sunday, and now I’m wondering what should be my next goal.

I definitely want to start building back the muscle I lost during this training period. I thought about going hard on a 30 day HIIT challenge, or starting an 8-12 week weight training plan, similar to this one, with minimal cardio and more sprints. Hmmm, what to do?

My husband thinks I should start slow, but I don’t really do slow. I’m more of a jump in the deep end kind of gal. Whatever I decide, I’m happy for the change and a new challenge.

Home Workout

Today’s home workout was a struggle for me especially the wall sits. They killed my legs, but I loved how they worked my abs.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes while maintaining proper form. Record your results in your workout notebook.

Balancing Bites - Home Workout

Burpee Walking Push Ups

Jump back into a plank, perform a push up, step you right hand and foot to the right, bring your left hand and foot toward the right, perform a push up, jump your feet toward your hands, then jump straight up. That is one burpee walking push up. Repeat the exercise, but step toward the left.



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