A Short Marathon Recap and a Home Workout

 Balancing Bites Austin Marathon Recap

Austin Marathon Recap

I ran the Austin Marathon on February 16. I want to say it sucked, bad, but the more time that passes, the more I realize it was what it was… a long tough run.

I had an amazing experience running the St. George Marathon that I expected a similar experience at the Austin Marathon. It wasn’t. It was the exact opposite.

The half marathon runners started the race with us, and that made it hard to settle into a pace. I spent my energy weaving in and out of runners for an hour and a half. Exhaustion slammed into me once the half marathon runners split from us, and exhaustion at mile 11 is not fun.

It also didn’t help that I was burping GU, and water was sloshing in my stomach. It was disgustingly humid, and hills were scattered throughout the course. The humidity caused an insatiable thirst, and my sodden clothes clung to my body.

After mile 17, I stopped choking down GU, and decided to forgo any additional fuel. I wonder if I could have run faster or pushed myself more, but honestly in the moment I couldn’t give anymore.

Even though I wrestle with the idea of registering for a redemption race, I think it is time I give up running marathons, at least for now.

Now I’m going to:

Enjoy running instead of dreading it.

Build back the muscle I lost during marathon training.

Engage in workouts that don’t take hours to complete.

Allow my knee to heal from an overuse injury.

Worry less about getting enough fuel and water to sustain my runs.

Home Workout

I began building back muscle with this home HIIT workout. Enjoy. 

Balancing Bites Home HIIT Workout


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