4 Tips to Staying Motivated on a Weight Loss Plan

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Staying motivated on a weight loss plan is difficult especially when the numbers on the scale aren’t budging. Weight loss takes time, sometimes a long time, and most people want the weight off yesterday. I get it; trust me, most everything I want, I wanted yesterday.

Before you give up, and give in to unhealthy foods, look at these tips for staying motivated on your plan.

1. Focus on how you feel. Now that you are eating healthier and exercising, how do you feel? Do you have more energy? Do you sleep better? Health improvement is a great motivation to keep going forward even if the scaling is moving at glacial speed. Perhaps your weight isn’t melting as fast as you would like, but how are you blood markers and blood sugar?

2. Don’t solely rely on the scale. Use other methods to determine fat loss, such as a measuring tape. You can also measure your weight loss on how your clothes fit or by fitting into a smaller pair of jeans you’ve wanted to wear. Take a before photo and every few weeks take another photo to see your progress.

3. Understand weight loss is a slow process. Losing weight takes time, and it takes more effort than it did to put on the weight. Don’t give up if you haven’t seen a change in your weight or have gained a few pounds, understand that it is normal to see fluctuations in weight due to water retention. If you’re working out, it is possible that you’re gaining muscle mass, while losing body fat. This is why it is a good idea to use other tools, in addition to the scale, to measure weight loss.

4. Develop a system to track your weight loss. When I was losing my pregnancy weight, I would write my weekly weight and the date on an index card, so that over time I could see how much I had lost. I kept the card visible as a motivator to workout and stay on course. You could also plot your weight or inches loss on a line graph.

Celebrate the small victories and pat yourself on the back for any amount of weight loss. Weight loss is gradual, and oftentimes frustrating, but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Stay on course, make small tweaks when needed, and you’ll meet your goal.

How do you stay motivated on a weight loss plan? Besides the scale, how do you measure your progress?


  1. Awesome! I just focus on one week, one day at a time. Part of the journey is losing and gaining. It is what it is but don't let setbacks derail you and don't let achievements give you permission to step off the track!

    1. That is great advice. I like to focus on one day at a time too. I liked what you said about achievements knocking people off their path. Most people focus on setbacks, but not achievements. For some, achievement is an excuse to celebrate with unhealthy foods/drinks. It is best to stick with a non-food reward, like buying a new pair of jeans.



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