Healthy Eating Shopping List and Balanced Meals

Last week, I talked about my definition of healthy eating, which is eating real (non-processed) foods and balancing meals with healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Today I wanted to discuss what foods fall under the three macronutrients, and how you would put them together to make a balanced meal.

I put together a small list of foods and three examples of balanced meals.

This is not a complete list, but it should give you some ideas when you plan your meals.

Healthy Eating Shopping List

Balancing Bites - Healthy Eating Shopping List
Balanced Meals

Here are a few examples of how you can choose foods from the above list to make a balanced meal.
1. Breakfast – Eggs (*P), diced onions and bell peppers (*C) cooked in butter (*F) with a side of strawberries (C), and a coffee with cream (F)

Lunch - Romaine lettuce and spinach salad, topped with additional vegetables (C), grilled beef fajitas (P), chopped avocado or guacamole (F), cheese, and a dressing of sour cream (F) mixed with salsa

Dinner - Grilled salmon (P), broccoli (C) drizzled with olive oil (F) and roasted with garlic, a half (or quarter depending on size) of a baked sweet potato (C) topped with butter (F)

Dessert - Small square of dark chocolate (C/F)

Snack - Plain full fat greek yogurt (P/F) with berries (C)


2. Breakfast – Zucchini (C) and ham frittata (F/P) with a side of blueberries (C), and coffee with cream (F) 

Lunch – Hamburger (P) on top of a bed of lettuce (C), topped with cheese (F), tomato, onion (C) with a side of roasted sweet potatoes (C) drizzled with olive oil (F)

Dinner – Grilled chicken (P), cilantro and lime cauliflower “rice” (C), sliced avocado (F)

Dessert – A glass of red wine (C) with an ounce of cheese (P/F)

Snack – Apple (C) with an ounce of almonds (F)


3. Breakfast – Banana protein pancakes made with almond flour (C/P/F) topped with butter (F)

Lunch – Tuna fish (P) salad made with real mayonnaise (F) and egg (P), topped on romaine lettuce (C) and other vegetables (C), and a handful of strawberries (C)

Dinner – Roast (P) with carrots (C) and potatoes (C) topped with butter (F)

Dessert – Small bowl of berries (C) topped with whipped heavy cream (F)

Snack - An ounce of cheese (P/F) and half of a pear (C)

*P (protein), C (carbohydrate), and F (fat)

What do you think of the meals? What are some of your favorite balanced meals? Are there any additional foods you would add to this list? 

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