Finding Time to workout with Babies

The day I gave birth, I had gained 59.5 pounds. And like many women, I was determined to lose the pregnancy weight.

It took me six months to lose the weight plus an additional 15 pounds. I didn’t pay too much attention to my diet, so I don’t know if it contributed to my weight loss. I do know breastfeeding and working out helped me shed the weight.

Many people questioned how I was able to workout when I had twin babies to care for at home. They wanted to know my secret.

My secret was naptime. Naptime was the golden hour for me, it still is.

Sure, I was exhausted and had chores that needed done; however, I made myself a priority for 12 to 24 minutes, 5 days a week.

For those 12-24 minutes, I did HIIT workouts like the ones I post on this blog. They were short enough that I had no excuse not to do them, and they were intense enough that it was a good fat burning workout.

If my days were too busy for a 12 minute workout, then I would do a 4 minute quick burn workout or a 4 minute tabata workout. If I couldn’t workout during naptime, then I would wait until the babies went to bed.

I always found time to do something, even if it meant I did 2 minutes of squats when I brushed my teeth or 30 push ups before taking a shower.

If I wanted a longer workout, I planned it for when my husband was off work. Once my kids were old enough, I turned on the music, and they would workout with me or dance. I made it fun for them.

Working out when you have children is doable. You make it a priority, and get it done. Squeezing in a few minutes is better than doing nothing, and you’ll feel better and have more energy.

My tips for fitting in a workout with young children at home:

1. Utilize any free time you might have. Workout before your kids wake up in the morning, during their naptime, or after they go to bed at night. You can also break up your workouts, such as fitting in 4 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and night.  

2. Perform quick and intense workouts. You can get a great workout in a short amount of time if you work hard.

3. Remember, something is better than nothing. If you take your kids for a walk or to the park, stop every 10 minutes and do 25 prisoner squats. You could do dips on the edge of the bathtub while you wait for their bathtub to fill with water. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something.  

Think about your day, when can you fit a 12 minute workout into your schedule?

Can you fit in a quick workout before your children wake up in the morning, during their naptime, or during their favorite cartoon?

Home Workout

Today’s home workout is for busy individuals that want a fast and intense workout.

For this workout, you’ll complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes. Maintain proper form for all exercises, and record your results in your workout notebook.

If you only have 4 minutes to workout, then do 8-count bodybuilders, and try to minimize any rest time.


Balancing Bites - Home Workout


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