Embrace the Suck and Home Workout: Pyramid

Sunday, I ran 20 miles and it sucked, bad. It was cold and windy outside, which made the hilly course miserable. Every step I took felt like my muscles were being shredded from doing nonstop pulse squats.

For the first few miles, my thoughts kept repeating, “this run sucks” like an annoying parrot that never stops talking. Then I realized it was sucking even more because that was all I kept thinking about.

Once that realization hit, I changed my thoughts and embraced the suck. I dug in deep, accepted the pain, and kept going. The run was still hard, but it was a little more bearable.

Every important aspect in your life will suck at one time or another. Life is hard, and self-pity will not get you to where you want to be. It will only bring you down and cause your progress to stagnate.

The only way to reach the other side is to cross the part that sucks. You have to accept the suck, embrace it, and then fight to get through it.

What “suck” are you going through now?

For many people, it’s usually the beginning of any change that is the hardest. Some people plateau in the middle of their process, and the “suck” is trying to find a way out of it. For me, right now, it’s the end of my training that is hard. My runs are getting longer, and feel like they will never end. Next month I will run the Austin Marathon, and the months I spent training hard will make accomplishing my goal much more rewarding.  

Home Workout: Pyramid

For this week’s HIIT workout, I wanted to do something different from my usual workouts, so I came up with a pyramid workout.

You’ll start with 50 reps of mountain climbers then work your way to 10 reps of bicycle abs, take a 5 second rest if you need it, then start with 10 reps of bicycle abs and work your way up to 50 reps of mountain climbers. That is one round.

Complete 4 rounds, or as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes, while maintaining proper form of each exercise. Don’t forget to log your workout in your workout notebook. If you’re looking for a cardio workout, check out my treadmill pyramid workout.


Balancing Bites - Home Workout Pyramid


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