Twins Third Birthday Cakes

Last month we celebrated my twins third birthday. I let each kid pick out their cake. My son wanted a Lightning McQueen car cake and my daughter wanted a princess Minnie Mouse cake. 
3rd Birthday Cake (5 of 5)
3rd Birthday Cake (4 of 5)
The car cake was difficult to make because of the carving. I'm not the best cake carver.  
3rd Birthday Cake (1 of 5)
3rd Birthday Cake (3 of 5)

There was a lot of condensation on the cakes, which resulted in sticky fondant. I knew the fondant would dry if I let the cake sit out in room temperature for some time, but it was taking a long time to dry. Time that I didn't have.

Then I realized the stickiness was because of the humidity. I'm used to making cakes in a dry environment with low humidity. Humidity makes a big difference, and I now need to relearn how to make/handle cakes. I can't have gross sweaty/sticky cakes. 

Overall, the cakes tasted great, and my kids loved them. It was worth it. 

For their birthday present, my husband and I bought them big kid beds and decorated their room with Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures and bedding. 

Their room looks great. The kids were excited about their big kid room and couldn't wait to go to bed. When it was finally bed time, we tucked them into bed and went over the rules. The rules consisted of them staying in bed and going to sleep and when it was morning time they had to wait until mommy or daddy came to get them. 

As soon as we shut the door, they were jumping on their beds and climbing onto each other's bed. It took about an hour and a half and us getting up four times before they finally fell asleep. At one point, my daughter opened the door and said to my son, "Sam, I hear something, come on." We found them sneaking (stomping) down the hall. When it was morning, they called for my husband and waited until he came to get them. The playing has died down, and they now go straight to sleep.  

Of course nap time was a different story. During nap time, the kids would play and destroy their room instead of sleeping. After about a week, I split them up keeping Sam in his bed and putting Elena in the guest bedroom. Now they sleep, and my sanity has been restored.


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