The Catch Up Post: Date Night, Running, and Cake

A couple of weeks ago, my mom drove into town to stay the weekend and babysit. My family lives about two hours from us, and I love it. And the great thing is (besides being able to leave the house without the kids) the kids are starting to remember her and like her. That’s huge. My kids don’t really know any of their grandparents, so they’re always hesitant to go near them.

For date night, my husband and I went to iPic Theaters at The Domain in Austin. For those that don’t know (I didn’t), it’s a movie theater that has comfy, private reclining seats with a table in between the seats. The seats come with blankets, pillows, and you get a free delicious bag of buttery hot popcorn. There is a waiter that takes your drink and dinner order. It’s a mix between a restaurant and movie theater. It’s expensive and definitely better than a regular theater. We’re not really movie theater people, but I would go back for a movie that I couldn’t wait to see like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I won’t order dinner again (it wasn’t that great), but I will order a (an expensive) drink and eat the buttery popcorn. Photo is from austinot.

iPic - photo from

Tuesday I met with the running group and ran 3.3 hot and humid miles. The pace felt easy and somewhat slow, but it was difficult to breath. Overall, it was a good run. I look at these runs as a fun, social run that forces me out of my routine.

photo 2

The path provides a lot of shade and is near water. I kept running through pockets of cool temperatures and pockets of heat and humidity. Kind of weird.

photo 5

Last Sunday, I finally forced myself to wake up early and go for a long run. I haven’t woken up early for a run since I lived in Las Vegas. I ran 6 miles and thought I was going to die. It was ~77 degrees with 50% humidity and a ton of rolling hills. The two things I hate the most when running, hills and humidity, and it’s the two things I am stuck with. I got through it, barely. The more I run outside, the sooner I will adjust and hopefully get pass my blah runs.

photo 4

Sunday afternoon, while I was lounging for the five minutes my kids left me alone, I read an article on running in the humidity from the August 2013 issue. The article gave four tips on surviving your runs in high humidity:
  • Hydrate Well – Your size and fitness level determines how much fluids to consume. And the duration of your runs will determine whether it’s best to stick with water or hydrate with an electrolyte drink.
  • Ditch the Hat – Wearing a hat prevents heat from escaping your scalp, causing your body to retain heat.
  • Salt Your Food – Salt helps you hold onto water.
  • Flank The Pack – Running close to other runners exposes you to their heat, raising your temperature. It’s best to run near the sidelines.
Also a fun fact I read from the article, Paradise, Nevada (a small town in the middle of Las Vegas) is the least humid city in the U.S.

Paradise Humidity

I want to sign up for a fall/winter race, but I can’t decided which one to run. Right now, the two races I’m thinking about running is the BCS Marathon in Bryan/College Station or the Austin Marathon. The BCS Marathon is this December, which would only give me three months to train and is two hours away, both are negatives. Three months would be plenty of time if I had a good base, but unfortunately I’m working on building a base now. This race is also small, has great swag, great post food (important factor), and is mostly flat/fast- all pluses.

The Austin Marathon is more expensive and has serious rolling hills, which would kill my PR aspirations. I haven’t read great things about their post race food, but everything else seems similar to every other race. The huge benefit is that it is not far from home. It is also in February, which would give me enough time to build a base before I start training.

Tough decision.

Candy Bar Cake

It’s been a few weeks since I last made a cake and I’m starting to get that cake-baking-itch. My husband has a coworker that loves Snicker’s candy bars, so I’m going to make her a candy bar cake. This is probably the one cake I get requests for all the time.

I have a frozen chocolate chocolate chip cake that needs to be eaten, so I’m planning to make a football cake to celebrate the start of football season. I wanted to make a football stadium cake, but there is no way my husband would be able to take it into work. And, there is no way I would keep that cake in the house. It’s huge, and I would likely consume most of it. So, a small football cake it is.


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