Football Cake Tutorial

I planned to make a huge football stadium cake, but then realized my husband actually had to carry the cake farther than a few steps and in a shirt and tie. I imagined the cake shifting or him dropping it, which would have not been good. So I decided to make two smaller cakes, a football cake and a candy bar cake.  
Football Cake-Balancing Bites
The football cake was easy to make. I used two 10" frozen chocolate chocolate chip cakes that I had baked a few weeks ago, and started by slightly leveling each one. 

I stacked the cakes and carved an egg shape. 
Football Cake-Balancing Bites
Once I was happy with the egg shape, I rounded the top by carving the corners. Always remember to carve a little at a time. This is something I have to always remind myself. 

I set aside the top layer, and added a peanut butter buttercream filling. 
Football Cake-Balancing Bites
I replaced the top layer and added thin scraps of cake on top of the cake to make a small mound. This rounded the top and made it more like a football. 
Football Cake-Balancing Bites
I used my favorite chocolate buttercream to crumb coat the cake. Once the buttercream crusted, I smoothed it out with a Viva brand paper towel and applied the fondant. I think I used too much color because my fondant was not cooperating, even when I added tylose.

I used a ribbon cutter to cut two 1” strips of white fondant for the sides. I didn't measure the laces; I just eyeballed it. It would have been cute if I surrounded the football with grass using green buttercream, but I ran out of time.

My husband’s coworkers loved the cake, which made feel better about my uncooperative fondant and lack of grass.

I try to remember that I'm always going to see the flaws of my cake and the people eating the cake always see a fun, and delicious, cake made for them.
Football Cake-Balancing Bites

Football Cake-Balancing Bites

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