Small Ruffle Cake

I love the look of ruffles on cakes. It has a soft vintage look. Buttercream ruffles have been on my list for a while and I'm excited I can now cross it off. I've made a cake with fondant ruffles, but I wanted to try the same design with buttercream. 

Small Ruffle Cake-Balancing Bites 

There are pros and cons to both the fondant and buttercream ruffles. The fondant ruffles are more uniform and are easier to manipulate, but can take forever to make. The buttercream ruffles taste better and is quicker to make, but you have to worry about the buttercream heating from your hand. Below is a picture of the fondant ruffle cake I made.

White Ruffle Cake-Balancing Bites

I had to stop several times to put the cake and buttercream in the refrigerator to cool down. If I was to make this cake again, I would apply a thicker crumb coat on the cake and not allow the buttercream to crust before adding the ruffles. 

Crumb Coat Cake-Balancing Bites

I applied and smoothed the final coat of buttercream to the top of the cake. I used a Wilton tip 104 and held the tip/bag perpendicular to the edge of the cake with the fat part of the tip against the cake and the thin part up and above the edge of the cake. Similar to this awesome drawing I made. I know… I’m an artist.  

How to decorate a cake with buttercream ruffles

Sorry I didn't have my tripod and remote set up.

The amount of pressure you squeeze the bag and how fast you turn the turn table will determine how the ruffles look. The more pressure you squeeze and slowly turning the turn table will produce more ruffles. 

Line the middle of the tip with the bottom of the first row. You will need to slightly rotate the thin part of the tip out toward you as you work through a few rows of ruffles. You will continue doing this until you’re done. The tip will probably be close to horizontal with the thin tip out toward you as you get closer to the bottom of the cake.  

Small Ruffle Cake-Balancing Bites

The blue bow was left over from the bow tutorial I did a few weeks ago. I piped a small amount of buttercream behind the bow to prop it up.

Overall, I enjoyed decorating this cake and will use this design again.


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