Mickey Mouse Ikea Dresser

We have been in Texas for 2 1/2 weeks and so far I’m loving it. I love that we have grass and it rains and it’s not ridiculously hot. What I’m not loving is the humidity and bugs. There are bugs everywhere! In Las Vegas the only bugs I ever had to deal with were spiders and the occasional roach.

The mosquitoes here are out of control. My whole body is itching from mosquito bites. My husband recommended that I put a hot spoon on the bites to stop the itching and my grandmother recommended I rub a dryer sheet over my arms and legs to keep the mosquitoes away. She also said to carry a dryer sheet in my pocket. As odd as that sounds, at this point I will try anything.

Shortly after we moved into our house, my husband and I went to Ikea to buy the kids a dresser. I wanted something that would accommodate both of their clothes and would be big enough for one of them to use when they get older. We decided on the white 6 drawer Malm dresser.  My husband put the dresser together and I decorated it.Malm Ikea DresserMy kids are obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so I decorated the dresser by applying Mickey Mouse wall decals to the top and the drawers. It took a while to position them correctly and without bubbles, but it was worth the time.  Since my kids don’t play in their rooms, I’m not worried about them pulling off the decals. To make the decals more permanent I could apply a Mod Podge and an acrylic sealer.

Mickey Mouse Ikea Dresser

Mickey Mouse Ikea Dresser

The dresser turned out great and my kids love it.



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