Rustic Wide Ridged Cake

I had a one layer 6 inch cake and a small amount of buttercream leftover from this past week, so I decided to do something fun with it. I would usually just plop some buttercream on it and dig in, but I was feeling creative. I decided to decorate the cake with a wide ridged design. Super creative, I know.

Wide Ridged Buttercream Cake-Balancing Bites

I split the cake layer in half, called torting, and filled it with buttercream. I didn't have a lot of buttercream left, so I decided to just frost the top. As you can see the buttercream I had leftover was from a crumb coat. I was definitely scraping the bowl with this one. 

To get the spiral look, I used a small offset spatula. I started in the center of the cake with the spatula held at a 45 degree angle and the tip against the buttercream.

Small Offset Spatula

I began slowly turning the cake turntable while bringing the spatula out toward the edge of the cake. This technique is similar to the chocolate ridged technique I did a while back. This is an easy and forgiving technique to decorate with. If you don’t like the way the spiral looks just smooth the buttercream and start over. 

Wide Ridged Buttercream Cake-Balancing Bites

I really like how this cake turned out. It has a rustic look. The next time I try this technique, I will add more filling and use a buttercream without crumbs.


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