Vintage Ruffle Cake

I’m excited to share a wedding cake that reader, Niki Bell, made using all of my favorites: ruffles, pearls, and ruffled flowers. She made her ruffled flowers from the tutorial I posted a while back.

This is absolutely my go to flower for cakes. It’s a beautiful flower that gives cakes a simple and elegant look.


I love that she used three different types of ruffled flowers. The different flowers gives the cake a distinctive look, and the pearls give the flowers an extra touch of elegance.


Oh sweet ruffles! I love, love, love ruffles. This stunning cake screams feminine, soft, and vintage.


A huge thanks to Niki Bell for sharing her beautiful wedding cake. Check out her Facebook page, The Cake Mama, to see more of her amazing cakes.


  1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for both your easy to follow tutorial and for posting my pics. I love your blog!!



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