True Grit

The attack at the Boston Marathon breaks my heart. I keep thinking about the runners and how hard they worked to get there. They've put in many miles, and some many years, to qualify.

I also keep thinking about the families, friends, and the spectators there to support and cheer for the runners. My thoughts and prayers are with them all and the victims.

The terrorist targeted not only Americans, but also marathoners. Here's the thing:

We do not give up, we fight. 

We are tenacious and strong. 

We are dedicated and not easily defeated.

The only thing the terrorist managed to do was piss us off.


  1. My emotions have been all over the map since Monday. Today...I'm slowly moving in to anger. With the reveal of the "suspects" I've started to feel my desire to run again come back - I want to know their names so I can write them on the bottom of my running shoes and stamp their names in to the bike lane as I run on it! *heavy sigh* (((Hugs)))

    1. My emotions (shock, sadness, and full on anger)hit me instantly and continue to weigh on my mind. Overall, I feel sadness.

      I love your plan to write their names on the bottom of you shoes.



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