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It's been a while since I last shared my HIIT workouts. I didn't do too many HIIT workouts while I was marathon training and it wasn't until after the race last October that I got back into them. Now I try to complete at least 4 HIIT workouts and 4 runs a week.

I'm excited for today's workout. I usually do intervals or timed workouts, but today I'm going to do a "complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes" workout. If you try this workout remember to maintain proper form while completing each exercise, and don’t forget to log your results in your workout notebook.

Home Workout 42913

I took last week off from running. I had no desire to run at all. But it's a new week and time to get back to it.

Monday- HIIT and 4 miles run

Tuesday- HIIT and 6 miles run with hills

Wednesday- HIIT

Thursday- 5 miles run speedwork

Friday- HIIT

Saturday- Off

Sunday- 8 to 10 miles long run

Have a great day.


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