Peep Cake and Cupcakes

Yesterday, I made a peep cake for my husband to take to work. I didn't make anything for St. Patrick's day, so I thought I would at least make something for Easter. Plus his coworkers were demanding cake with their fists raised high, chanting, "We want cake, now!". Okay, not really.

I got the idea from the Food Network Magazine April 2012 issue. I also used their frosting recipe. It tasted good, but it's not the best for decorating. Their cake and frosting recipes seem to turn out really good or really bad. The frosting would work better on cupcakes or maybe as a filling (inside a buttercream dam).

I used a vanilla cake recipe.

Before I put the cake together, I froze the bottom layer (9”x13”), then leveled the three cakes (bowls were ~1 quart and 1 1/2 quart). Next, I cut the corners off the cake. As you can see, mine is not perfect.

  Peep Cake and Cupcakes (1 of 4)

I placed two of the corners at one end to make a tail and secured them with toothpicks. I arranged the bowl cakes to make the body and secured it with a bubble tea straw. Then I placed a corner end on the top bowl cake to make a bill and secured it with toothpicks. I didn't know how much frosting I would need to cover the cake, so I used a small amount in between the layers. I did this to help secure the layers.

  Peep Cake and Cupcakes (2 of 4)

I frosted the cake similar to how I normally frost a cake. I used a thin crumb coat layer then went back with more frosting. I sprinkled a small amount of yellow sanding sugar over the cake. I didn't have brown wafer disk, so I used a two pink ones and painted them brown with food dye.

  Peep Cake and Cupcakes (4 of 4)

I had enough batter leftover to make eight cupcakes. I spooned the frosting on the cupcakes and sprinkled with sanding sugar.

  Peep Cake and Cupcakes (3 of 4)

Doesn't really look like a peep, but it is cute enough for Easter and it taste great.

Have a great weekend and a happy Easter.


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