Sick Kids and Running a Race

Last week, my kids and I were sick. Not the runny nose type of sick, but the vomiting can’t eat a thing type of sick. It was gross and ugly. It was the first time they have been sick with a stomachache. It was also my first time taking care of sick kids while being sick myself. I was miserable. My husband helped as much as he could, but he had school work to finish. I probably gave the kids five baths and washed twelve loads of laundry within two days. Thank goodness we were sick for two days and not longer.

This is a picture of Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, NV.

Red Rock Canyon

Saturday, I signed up to run the Red Rock Canyon half marathon on March 9. This will be my first half marathon race. Yeah, I do things backwards. I ran a marathon before running a half marathon. I’m running it with a couple of friends, so I’m hoping that will help boost the fun factor. 

This course is tough. The first five miles has an elevation gain of ~1000 feet. I’m scared. Hills are not my favorite, especially the uphill portion. My goal is to run the marathon next year. It has that hellacious hill at the beginning of the race and in the middle.

I haven’t really trained for this race. I ran a few times on the treadmill with the incline at four percent, which is equivalent to ~1000 feet elevation gain over 5 miles. I’m sure toward the end of this race my friends will have to drag me across the finish line. That’s what running buddies are for right.


  1. I'm glad everyone is feeling better!! I'm excited about your first half marathon. You can do it!! It'll be fun to run with friends so even when you feel like you can't do it, they'll encourage you to keep going!

    1. Thanks. That's our plan. My friend rocks uphill and I'm great at running downhill. We'll help each other get through it. It will be fun.



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