Quick and Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday.

My life has been insanely busy this month. I ran the St. George Marathon, baked/decorated 4 cakes, celebrated my babies 2nd birthday, managed to keep up with schoolwork, and cared for my family and home.

I’m all for quick and easy recipes, which makes these cupcakes perfect. They’re great last minute cupcakes.
Any cupcake recipe will work. I used red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream .

Halloween Cupcake Single

*Tip* Start with chocolate buttercream to get a deep black frosting without having to use a lot of color.

I used candy corn and candy corn pumpkins to decorate the cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcakes

Happy Halloween.

Marathon Training Week 19 and Happy Banned Book Week

Last week’s training was uneventful. I ran my prescribed miles, and it was hot outside. One thing new that did happen last week in my training was that I actually did an interval workout. It has been a long time since I did my beloved HIIT workouts, and it felt like it was the first time I have ever done one. OMGoodness, it was hard. I wonder how many burpees I can do it 10 minutes. I’m thinking 50, if I’m lucky.

Today, I have an easy 4 miles to run and tomorrow an easy 3 miles. Then Saturday I will be running the St. George Marathon. Yay. These past five months went by fast.

Happy banned book week!!! Anyone reading a banned book this week?

My library loot. 

Can you believe I have never read The Catcher in the Rye? I heard it was a great book. I also have not read Lady Chatterley’s Lover. My grandmother was the one who told me about it when she asked if I had read Fifty Shades of Grey. I have and I don’t recommend it.

Last week, I made a 1234 cake with caramel frosting topped with caramel and pistachios. It turned out a disaster. It tasted good, but looked awful. There were so many mistakes with that cake, and so many lessons learned. The main mistake was rushing through the process. I also ran out of sugar, so I wasn't able to make anymore frosting. The picture is not great. I will post a better picture and the recipe soon.

My disaster!

I also made chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with a glaze icing topped with pistachios. The cupcake turned out delicious. The saltiness from the pistachios helped balance out the super sweetness of the glaze.

Yum, cupcakes. 

Hope you have a great week.


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