Marathon Training Week 17 and 18

It’s hard to believe I will be running the St. George Marathon in less than two weeks. I’m confident I will be able to finish the race, but not confident in running a fast race.

Marathon training reminds me of my pregnancy. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was excited for everything it had to offer. To me pregnancy meant slowing down. Then toward the end of my pregnancy when my belly was huge and my body was uncomfortable, all I wanted was to be done. I remember thinking, I don’t care how these babies come out as long as they’re healthy.

I now find myself thinking, I don’t care how I finish this race as long as I finish. All I want is to be done. I think Skinny Runner has it all figured out. She keeps her mileage high and runs without a plan. It’s definitely not what the “experts” would advise, but it sounds more fun.

I had to make several adjustments to my runs these past two weeks. I ran out of water (it’s still unbearably hot outside) on week 17’s 22 mile long run and was only able to run 19.5 miles. And yesterday’s 16 mile long run was cut short to 12.5 miles. I was in too much pain to finish the run.

During yesterday’s run, I saw approximately 20 people out running. For some reason, this kind of bothered me. Before yesterday, I saw maybe one person out running and usually I didn’t see anyone. All I could think was where were y’all when it was a gazillion degrees outside. My husband told me, as kindly as possible, that they weren’t stupid enough to run in the scorching heat. He has a point. My view: there is something to be gained by putting myself through heat torture, and hopefully it will pay off in a week and a half. Hopefully.


This sticker describes my running perfectly. Cake is one of my favorite reasons to run long. It is from run pretty far. 

Speaking of cake, this week I’m actually baking cupcakes. It seems like forever since I last baked. My husband’s work is have a birthday party, and they asked if I would bake them a cake.

I’m thinking of using a simple butter cupcake recipe that I’m researching for my writing class. I will probably top the cupcake with a bold and flavorful icing.

cupcake happiness Source

Yep, cupcakes make me happy.

Have a great day.


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