My Favorite Running Mantras

Lately, I have noticed myself saying several mantras during my runs. Some runs I will only say one and other runs I need to say several. I repeat them during tough runs when I need the extra motivation and push to finish strong.

Mantras meaning “instrument of thinking” are often used to focus the mind and mentally keep you on target with your goals. They should be positive and short statements, instructing you on how you want to run and/or feel. Below are some of my favorite and most commonly used mantras.

Speed Run/Long Run:

  • “The faster you run, the faster it’ll be over”

The Faster You Run

Hills/Hill Repeats:

  • “The harder I push now, the easier it will be during the race”
  • “Strong and steady”

Strong and Steady

Long run:

  • “Keep going”
  • “Run strong, think strong”
Strong and Steady

Overall running:

  • “Strong legs, strong lungs, strong heart, strong mind”

Red heart

Do you have any favorite running mantras? Have they helped you during your tough runs/races?


  1. LOL, I often say to myself, "The faster you go, the sooner this will be over" but sometimes that seems to have the opposite effect! ha ha ha!!

    1. I know what you mean. That some times happens on my long runs. I tried saying all of my usual mantras and made up ones to help get me through last Sunday's long run. None of them worked.



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