Marathon Training Week 8

My husband and I have been preparing for our family vacation to Pennsylvania for the past few days. We have been doing laundry, folding, packing, writing lists and basically trying to think of everything for the flight and trip. This will be the first flight and cross country trip the twins have been on, and to be honest I’m kind of nervous.

We have 3 Disney movies downloaded on our tablets, we have 3 books packed for each kid, each kid will bring their favorite toy, I have a few colors and a pad of paper packed and we’ll have a lot of snacks. Is there anything else I should pack for the flight?

Here are a couple of cute kissy pictures. Elena is giving herself a kiss on the camera.

Elena Kiss

Sam is blowing me a kiss.

Sam Kiss

I can hardly believe I’ve been training for 8 weeks. Time is going by so fast. I always think time goes by too fast, but since I have a bum knee it is kind of making me nervous.

I don’t want to run the marathon on a sore knee and I definitely don’t want skip on the race (which won’t happen). I’m going to keep working on strengthening my quadriceps and hopefully that will work.

I skipped one of my runs and cut the other one in half. I did manage to get in some HIIT workouts and my scheduled long run.

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Home Workout: Killer Tabata

Wednesday- HIIT workout on my facebook page

Thursday- HIIT

Friday- Off

Saturday- Easy 3 miles in 29:56

This run was meant to test my knee. Yep, it hurt.

Sunday- Long run 15 miles and I’m not even going to list my time

This run started off really well despite my knee pain that started to hurt at the half mile mark. It had rained the night before my run, so the temperature was cool and the humidity was high. I wasn’t bothered by the humidity, but definitely did not like the swarms of bugs that were flying near the trees. I was covered in bugs. It was disgusting.

My body felt great. I had plenty of energy and my breathing was right on. I was running a slower pace than normal to try and save my knee. My knee was sore from the beginning, but really started hurting around mile 7. At that time, I wanted to test out a thought. I decided to run up the mountain to see if using more of my quadriceps would relieve my knee pain. It worked, but it took a lot of energy out of me. From that small experiment, I decided to add hills to my training plan every week instead of every other week. Once I got back on flat land, my knee continued to hurt, and I had to run/walk. I hate having to walk.

I’m torn between thinking that a.) I ran a crappy 15 miles and didn’t push myself enough and b.) I was smart to run at a slower pace and for walking some.

Yes, I have crazy thoughts like this and unfortunately they get even crazier. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you.

Relax and accept crazySource

This week will have a few HIIT workouts, a hill run, a negative split run and a long run.

Hope you have a great day.

Red heart

Any recommendations for taking toddlers on trips?


  1. My only tip for traveling with a toddler is keep their routine as close to normal as possible. Expect that they're going to have frequent meltdowns. Good luck!!

    1. OMGoodness, traveling with the twins was insane. My husband and I promised to not fly with them again until they are at least 5 years old. It was crazy!!!

    2. My daughter was difficult to travel with when she was a toddler. One time I had to fly alone with her from Phoenix to was a nightmare.



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