Marathon Training Week 7

Happy Monday. My mom left this past Saturday, and now it is time to get back to normal. I have put off my chores for too long. I hated to see her go, but it is also nice to get back to our normal routine. This post will include some rambling and my marathon training week 7 recap.

My rambling:

  • I finally signed up for my first two graduate classes, Food Writing for Professionals and Phytochemicals in Reduction of Chronic Diseases. Sound interesting and awesome, huh? If I can maintain the work load, I’m planning to graduate in ~ a year and a half. This depends on my husband’s graduate class schedule.

  • Speaking of phytochemicals, I started taking a chlorophyll supplement. I don’t take too many supplements, but my friend recommended this one to aid in my running. The package states chlorophyll will help build red blood cells, for those feeling fatigued, maximize lung function and other neat things. The information I was able to research states chlorophyll acts as an internal deodorant (great for colostomy patients), improves wound health (I wish I would have know this when I was a clinical dietitian), may block carcinogenic effects and decrease the risk of liver cancer in high risk population with dietary aflatoxin exposure. Chlorophyll also has a similar structure to heme in hemoglobin except it has a magnesium center instead of an iron center. I’m going to research it more in the near future and will post the information I find as well as any improvement I notice from taking it. I have only been taking it for a week. Here is a link to some information on Chlorophyll--- Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllin.

Chlorophyll Supplement

Chlorophyll Supplement 2

  • The inside of my left knee is killing me. I don’t know what happened. It has been hurting since last week’s long run. I haven’t started freaking out… yet. I’m going to take the next three days off from running, ice my knee, stretch my hamstrings and work on strengthening my quads. I’m even considering running only easy runs this week with my long run on Sunday. If it continues to hurt for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment. I absolutely will not miss the St. George Marathon in October.

  • During my long run last Monday, I had the pleasure to run into a group of cross country high school girls. The girls were finishing their run back to the high school. I don’t know why, but for a split second I felt old/frumpy, awkward (probably because I had a ton of running gear on) and inadequate. Then I thought about all of the things I have accomplished in my 32 years: served in the military, deployed to 3 different countries, successful marriage, graduated college and starting graduate school, carried/birthed/breastfed twins and have a healthy body that is in the process of running 13.1 miles while training for a marathon. Yep, I rock. And I would NEVER want to be a teenager again, even though those girls are cute, young and could probably kick my bootie in running.

Marathon Training Week 7:

Monday- Long run 13.1 miles in 2 hrs and 11 min.

I didn’t eat or drink during this run and I felt great. My body waist up felt strong, but my legs were tired. I also started having knee pain after this run.

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday- Tempo run 5 miles in 47 min and 38 sec and an HIIT 12 min

I ran 1 mile warm up and cool down and 3 miles (9:05) at tempo pace.

Thursday- Off

Friday- Hill repeats 4 miles in 39:43

I ran 1 mile warm up and cool down with 10 hill repeats for 2 miles. This was a tough workout. I originally planned to run 7 repeats, but decided to push a little more.

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Long run 10.22 miles in 1 hr 48 min.

This was supposed to be a 14 mile run that ended up being 10.22 mile run. The pain in my left knee kept getting worse, so I decided to end my run. I felt great and the weather was cloudy and cool, which made quitting suck even more. It drove me crazy all day that I couldn’t finish. This was probably my slowest run in a long time.

This upcoming week, I’m planning to fit in 2-3 HIIT, probably 2 easy runs (short and moderate distance) and hopefully a 15 mile long run.

Red heart

What area would you like to learn more about in nutrition?

Are you taking any supplements? If so, what supplements? – I take chlorophyll, fish oil, vitamin D and protein powder.

How do you handle pain and/or injuries?


  1. I hope your knee starts to feel better soon!
    I don't take any supplements. I probably should. I really should start reading more about nutrition. It's just so overwhelming. There's SO much information! Wah wah wah!

    1. Nutrition can be overwhelming. When I studied for my registration test, we had to know all of the main areas of nutrition. It was a ton of information. I'm happy I can focus my graduate classes on what I'm interested in learning and what will benefit me more in my career.

  2. Hi Shauna,

    I came across your post searching for using chlorophyll for marathons. What kind of benefits did you notice, if any? How would you take it, directly, in smoothies? I began taking it this past week and have noticed a decrease in my runny nose while running.

    1. Hi Juan. I noticed I can breathe easier, even when I'm gasping for air. I can also run longer while breathing heavy. This definitely helps during speed training and running up long hills. I add it to a cup of water and chug it down. I don't think it taste bad, but I also don't want to sip on it. Adding it to a smoothie is a good idea if you can't stomach it any other way. If you add it to a green smoothie it might make the smoothie taste too much like green vegetables.



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