Home Workout: Killer Tabata

I think I might have found an exercise to strengthen my quads and relieve my knee pain. Earlier today, while brushing my teeth, I did 2 minutes of squats with my heels raised and immediately afterwards my knee felt better. I’m going to do 2 minutes of these squats 2x’s a day.

It is unbelievably hot today. Right now, it is 111 degrees with a high of 114. Crazy!!!

Hot Day

Today’s HIIT workout is really hard. The tabata method is 20 seconds of maximum work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. This comes out to a 4 minute workout. These workouts are effective at burning fat while maintaining muscle. You will need an interval timer for this workout. There are 5 separate exercises for a total of 20 minutes. Complete the exercises as fast as possible while maintaining proper form and record your results in your workout notebook.

Home Workout Killer Tabata


Red heart

What is your favorite season? –I love the Fall with its cool weather and football.

What are you favorite exercises to strengthen your quads?


  1. Your temps are like our temps. Insane!!! My favorite season is probably fall. That's when we come out of hibernation! I haven't done any quad work, that I can think of. Do squats count?

    1. Lol. I never thought of fall as coming out of hibernation, but it is true. I hardly ever leave the house during the summer. Yep, squats count.



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