Marathon Training Week 4

Happy Wednesday.

I had every intention of posting this on Monday, but I have been busy working on a cake. In the past few days, I have made 33 roses with 8 left to make, I made 12 layers of cake, 2 batches of fondant and 3 different buttercream/fillings with 1 more to make. Once I’m done with the prep work, hopefully today, all I will have left to do is put the cake together.

Gum paste roses

I did take a lot of pictures this morning of my process in making gum paste roses. As soon as I get some time to edit the pictures, I will post a tutorial on how to make small, medium and large roses. 


This past week’s marathon training went well. I missed one of my planned HIIT workouts, but manage to fit in an extra day of running. I also tried running without fuel this week. It wasn’t too bad.

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Off

Wednesday- Negative Split 6 miles (2, 2, 2) in 57:49

I was very uncomfortable during this run because my stomach was full of coffee. The run went well.

Thursday- 3 mile run in 28:11

This was an extra run. I also did a 15 minute HIIT workout.

Friday- Speedwork 4.44 miles in 41:32

Part of this run was at the track. I meant to do 800’s, but ended up doing 400’s. I didn’t have time for breakfast, which caused me not to have any energy. Halfway through my workout, I had to rush home to get the kids up. After breakfast, I finished the run with 1/2 a mile warm up and two 800’s, 4 minutes each.

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Long run 12 miles in 2:03:43

It was really hot outside and I had to conserve my water intake. I didn’t eat breakfast before and waited until mile 9 before I ate anything. Eating definitely helped, but what I really wanted was to chug water. For probably half the run all I could think about was drinking ice cold water. Next week, I plan to wake up earlier and bring more water with me.

This week, I plan to do 2 HIIT workouts, a tempo run, hill run and long run.

Red heart



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