Marathon Training Week 3

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

My family and I spent our Friday afternoon shopping at Home Goods and going out to eat. I love Home Goods. They have lots of great items that aren’t too expensive. I especially love their cake stands. Our dinner was just ok. I hate going out to eat and realizing we could have made the same thing at home and it would have tasted better. And of course, it would have been cheaper.

Saturday and Sunday, my husband had a ton of school work to get through so we decided to stay home. My kids were happy to stay home and caught up on their playing.

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)

Sam was happily relaxing and playing by himself and then Elena decided she wanted join him. See her face. That’s her I’m going to bother you face. Sam was not happy.

photo 4 (2)

Kids thought it would be fun to wear my freshly washed running hats.

photo 3 (2)

Elena likes to wear my inside (I don’t wear them outside) sneakers. She was doing squats while wearing them. Cute.

photo 5

To end a great weekend, my husband and I watched True Blood, one of our favorite shows. We loved it and look forward to the season.

true blood Source

I had another great workout week and completed all of my planned workouts.

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Quick Fat Blaster and 2.69 m easy run

Wednesday- Tempo 4 miles

I ran 1 miles warm up and cool down. Two miles were at tempo pace 9:15 min/m. I’m getting faster, but not quite where I want to be yet.

Thursday- Off

Friday- HIIT and Hill Repeats 3.89 m

I did a 1 m warm up and did not have time for a cool down. I did 6 hill repeats up 6 levels at a nearby parking garage. The levels went up like stairs and not in a spiral. This was a hard workout. A couple hours later, I did an 8 min HIIT workout.

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Long run 11 m in 1:46:25 on the treadmill

This was a great run despite being on the treadmill. I chose to run on the treadmill because it was really windy outside. I kind of wished I would have ran outside. I know I need to train in windy conditions.

This week’s workouts will include 2 HIIT’s, negative split, speedwork and long run.

Red heart

Are you a fan of True Blood? Have you read the series? –Yes.

How do you feel about going out to eat?

-I like it, but I almost always feel let down. We’ve cut back on eating out and usually save it for our favorite meals like Greek food.

What is your favorite type of runs hills, speed, tempo or long?


  1. I'm totally with you on going out to eat. Most of the time I think I could have tried to recreate the same thing at home.

    Love the pics of your kids. Isn't the sibling love, fun? My little guy likes to put his sister in a headlock/hug. She doesn't appreciate it at all!

    1. That is so funny. My daughter tries to sit on her brother. It looks like she is wrestling with him. He always ends up on the bottom trying to get away.



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