Marathon Training Week 2

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a super weekend.

My poor son has been teething and had a miserable weekend. I feel awful when he is in pain. He had five teeth come in at the same time when he first began teething. Yep, not one… five.

Sam and Xena 2

Xena makes everything better.

Sam and Xena

My daughter was chill this weekend. She is always laid back and happy.

Elena and Xena 2

I had a great workout week. I actually completed all of the workouts I had planned for the week. That almost never happens.

Monday- Off

Tuesday- 1/2 mile run and Home Workout: Booty Burn

I ran 1/2 mile on the treadmill. I wanted to run 3 easy miles, but I just was not into it. The booty burn workout was tough. My bum was sore for days!!!

Wednesday- 6 miles negative split

I ran the first 3 miles at 10:00 min/m and the second 3 miles in 9:29 min/m. Looking back, I wish I would have ran a little faster in both halves. I need to push my pace more. 

Thursday- 500 Rep Workout

My booty was still sore when I started this workout. Actually, my body was sore and blah. I got through this workout and it wasn’t pretty. I decided to do 25 reps for each exercise and 2 rounds.

Friday- 5 miles with 5 Yasso 800’s

My plan was to warm up and cool down with 1 mile and complete 2 800’s each in 4 min. I warmed up with 1 mile and cool down with .75 mile. I completed my 2 800’s, both in 4 min. Then I went on to complete 3 more 800’s between 4:00-4:15 min. Yasso 800’s are no joke. The first 2 were so hard. The last 3 were hard, but doable. I’m still going to keep trying to hit 4 min and work my way up to 10 800’s

Saturday- Off

Sunday- 10 mile long run with 15 min strong finish

My long run started out ~10 min pace into a headwind. Once the wind was behind me, I was able to pick up the pace to ~9:30 min/m. I kept this pace until about 7 miles. At 7 miles, I stopped to use the restroom, eat a gel and drink water. After that I was exhausted, my side was cramping and my pace dropped big time. I had about a 5 min strong finish. I was glad to have this run done. I tried 2 Power Bar gels for the first time during this run and it did not sit well. I think I’m going to stick with GU. Overall, my pace was 10:00 min/m.

This week, I have 2 HIIT workouts planned, a tempo run, hill repeats and a long run.

Red heart

Any tips to dealing with teething pain?


  1. Congrats on finishing another week of training! :)

  2. Awesome training! I found your blog through hungry runner girl, I am also a mom of boy/girl twins! So I'm glad I found your blog, knowing I'm not the only one dealing with the chaos of twins and training/running marathons ;)
    Teething tip? I give them childrens motrin and their bottles with ice cold water and it seems to do the trick. Mine don't like chewing on teething toys or anything so it can get rough sometimes..

    1. Candice, thanks for the comment. Aren't twins great? You're right about the chaos. I keep telling myself it's going to get easier, but I don't think it is;)
      I never thought to give them ice cold water, great idea. Yesterday, my son cried all morning. My daughter tried to comfort him by bringing him his binkie and favorite toys. The only thing that distracted him was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't normally let them watch too much TV, but yesterday I was desperate.

  3. Great training girl! I have no tips on teething :( Hope he feels better soon!

    1. Thanks. He seems to be feeling better today.

  4. Great week 2 of training! I feel like we are virtual training buddies! :)

    I have no words of advice on teething. It stinks. I don't want to rub it in but my twins have been pretty easy when it comes to teething. *knock on wood*

    1. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. I think we even ran the same amount of miles last week.

      I never know what to do for him, except give medicine. He doesn't really care for teething rings. My daughter doesn't seems to have teething pain. She just drools a lot.



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