Home Workout: Full Body

Happy Friday. My Friday is going great, but not as I had planned. Yesterday during my run, I had planned out exactly how I was going to tackle today. I planned to wake up early, get in a hill run and have my cake 80% completed. Well, I haven’t done any of that.

Last night, my husband made sure my wine glass was always full and turned on a funny movie I couldn’t resist. He was deliberately trying to keep my up. So, unfortunately I ended up sleeping in late.

Now I need to figure out if I want to do my hill run on the treadmill, which means I won’t get any downhill training. Or I could run some hills as part of my long run and run an easy treadmill run today. Hmmm. What to do?

While I try to figure that one out, I thought I would share a full body HIIT workout. This workout requires an interval timer set on 15 rounds with 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds work. Complete each exercise as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. And don’t forget to log your results in your workout notebook.

Home Workout Full Body

Tomorrow, I’m deliver the wedding cake. Yay. I cannot wait to have it completed and delivered. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a chance to edit them.

Have a great weekend.

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Any running plans this weekend?

Do you ever rearrange your running plans when life gets in the way or do you skip the run and pick up where you left off?


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