Random Topics and My Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday.

This weekend I had not one, but two great runs. Crazy, huh? I feel like I have been having so many bad runs lately, it’s crazy I had two back to back great runs. My first run, 3.11 miles in 30 minutes, was an hour after an HIIT session and my second run was my long run, 6 miles in 58:23 minutes. I had planned to go 7 miles, but I had to cut it short to help with the twins.

We run till it hurts... (source)

Yesterday, I signed up for the St. George Marathon lottery. Fingers crossed. I’ve read so many great reviews and posts on this marathon. The one thing that makes me nervous about this race are the hills. I never run hills. I would rather do speedwork than hills. Luckily, I have the perfect place to do hill training and it’s not far from my house.

sgmlogo (source)

I got my acceptance letter to Oklahoma State University and apparently I have to start the summer term or I will have to reapply. Summer term starts next Monday. I’m really hoping I don’t have to start next week.

Other great news, I’ve been asked to make another wedding cake. The bride wants a 3 tier French vanilla cake with amaretto, dulce de leche and strawberry mousse filling covered in ivory fondant. It’s going to beautiful. I have about 8 different designs for her to go over. This cake is due at the end of June, so I have plenty of time to get started on the flowers.

Elena and Sam were acting silly today.

photo (1)

They wore these ziploc tupperware hats all morning. Funny kids.

Workout of the Week Strip

Monday Home Workout: Cardio and Abs and timed plank (goal 5 min)
Tuesday Bodyrock. tv day 4
Wednesday Running Intervals
Thursday Off
Friday Run 5 miles
Saturday Off
Sunday Run 7 miles

I’ll post the Home Workout: Cardio and Abs later tonight.

Red heart

Any marathon plans this fall?

Would you rather do speedwork or hill training?

Would you prefer vanilla cake with different flavored fillings or different flavored cakes with one type of filling?

-Tough one. I would probably choose vanilla cake with different flavor fillings.


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