My Training Plan for the St. George Marathon

Yesterday was a busy day. My husband’s work is having a barbeque tomorrow and I promised him I would make a cake. I baked the cakes Sunday and made two different buttercreams, my regular buttercream and a dulce de leche buttercream. The ducle de leche buttercream was used as the filling. The cake was covered and decorated with fondant.

I have a few more photos to edit then I will post the cake details and pictures.


I had a great weekend. Saturday, I woke up early and ran my long run for the week, 7 miles.

Long Run

I would have like to run faster, but there was a strong headwind. Overall, I had a great run.

I also finished writing my training plan for the St. George Marathon. I have a feeling it might be a little ambitious, so there is a possibility I will have to scale down some of the runs.

I plan to run 3 days (4 days if absolutely needed) a week, 1-2 HIIT and 2 rest days. One week will include a tempo, hill and long run. The next week will have a negative split, speed and long run. I will alternate these runs every week. If I need to add a fourth day, it will be an easy slow run. My training begins this week, 20 weeks before the race. If you would like to see the entire plan, let me know and I’ll post it.

The course has about 4 miles uphill and the rest are mainly downhill. I don’t ever run hills, so I want a good portion of my training to focus on hills, especially downhill.

My goals:

  1. Have a great marathon and finish strong with no time limit.
  2. Finish under 4:30.
  3. Finish under 4:10.

Other things I want to focus on during the next 20 weeks are nutrition/hydration and early morning runs. I live in the desert and the summers here are brutal. Waking up early to run and staying hydrated will definitely make or break my runs and goals.

Weekly workouts copy

Last week workouts.

Monday Week 2 Day 2 and Plank Off
Tuesday Run 4 miles and Plank Home Workout: Tabata Fun
Wednesday Home Workout: Tabata Fun and Plank
Thursday Off 2 mile run
Friday Run 5 miles and Plank Off
Saturday Off Run 7 miles
Sunday Run 7 miles and Plank Off

This week workouts.

Monday Off
Tuesday HIIT and Plank
Wednesday Tempo
Thursday Off and Plank
Friday Hills
Saturday Off and Plank
Sunday Long run

Red heart

How do you feel about hill running? Do you use them as part of your training?

Do you set goals for your races or do you race for fun without goals?


  1. I always try to run hills. It's nearly impossible to avoid them where I live! Nice run too, girl!

    1. Thanks. I'm really nervous about the hills in St. George. I seriously never run hills.

  2. I really, really dislike hills but they are crucial. I picked my first marathon just because it's FLAT! :)

    I've become a believer in setting goal times for races. It's extra incentive to push!

    Good luck!

    1. I tried to find a flat race near my home, but I had no luck. The only flat race I could find was in December and it has a 4:30 hr cut off time.

      Setting a goal time is a huge incentive for me to push and try my best.



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