Memorial Day cake

My husband’s work had a barbeque this afternoon and to celebrate I made them a Memorial Day cake.

Memorial Day Cake 3

Memorial Day, May 28, is a special day honoring the men and women that died serving our wonderful country. My husband and I were both in the military and have had several family members that were in the military, too. Unfortunately, we have known veterans that passed away while serving our nation. This is a day when we commemorate the fallen veterans.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer. Summer means shorts and dresses, ice cream, beach, grilling delicious foods and warm weather.

To celebrate the holiday, I made a French Vanilla and Rich Chocolate cake with a dulce de leche filling, crumb coated in vanilla buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant.

Stiff Buttercream

This is a bowl of the stiff buttercream I used to make the dam. I almost always make a dam, especially when the filling has a thin consistency. To get the buttercream stiff enough for the spatula to stand, I added extra powder sugar to a small container of medium-thin consistency icing.

Memorial Day Cake Buttercream Dam and Filling

I made a tall dam and filled my cake with dulce de leche buttercream. When you use a dam, you want to make sure your filling is just below the top of the dam.

Memorial Day Cake Rich Chocolate and French Vanilla

The bottom layer is a French Vanilla cake and the top layer is a Rich Chocolate cake.

Settling a Crumb Coated Cake

After crumb coating the cake, I placed plastic wrap and two magazines on top of the cake. This helped settle the cake some before I covered it with fondant.

Memorial Day Cake2

I covered the cake with white marshmallow fondant. I colored a small amount of fondant red and blue to make the stars and stripes.

To make the strips, I rolled out red fondant and used 1” ribbon cutter. To make the stars, I rolled out red, white and blue fondant and used different sized star cutters. I used water to adhere the stars and stripes to the cake.

Memorial Day Fondant Cake

Birthday cake

How do you celebrate Memorial Day? Any big plans?



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