I’m Running the St. George Marathon and Home Workout: Tabata Fun

Great news… I am running the St. George Marathon. This is the first time I registered for this marathon. I’m super excited. I don’t have my training planned yet, but I do know I’m going to include speedwork and definitely hills. This course is mainly downhill, but it does have several miles of uphill. I also haven’t figured out my goals yet. As soon as I have it all figured out, I will post it on the blog.


My home workout this week focuses on Tabata training.

The tabata method is 20 seconds of maximum work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. This comes out to a 4 minute workout. These workouts are effective at burning fat while maintaining muscle. You will need an interval timer for this workout.

Home Workout Tabata Fun copy

You will complete each 4 minute workout separately for a total of 16 minutes. Complete the exercises as fast as possible while maintaining proper form and record your results in your workout notebook.

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Have you ever done a Tabata workout?

Do you follow training plans or make it up as you go?


  1. Yay for signing up for a marathon! And awesome workout you put together!

    1. Thanks. I've been searching/reading your blog for some great training ideas. I've almost have my training planned out.



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