Home Workout: Cardio and Abs

Today’s workout was awesome and tough. My abs were burning and my heart rate was racing. This workout is similar to my other interval workouts. You will need a timer set to 12 rounds with 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds work. I use the gymboss interval timer. There are also several timer apps that are free or for purchase.

Home Workout Cardio and Abs

An 8 count bodybuilder is similar to a burpee, but has a scissor kick after the push up.

  • Step 1: Standing position.
  • Step 2: Squat down and place palms on the ground.
  • Step 3: Jump feet back or walk back into a plank position.
  • Step 4: Perform a push up.
  • Step 5: Return to a plank position.
  • Step 6: Kick your legs out in a scissor like motion. Then return your legs back into the plank position.
  • Step 7: Jump or walk into a squat position like step 2.
  • Step 8: Power jump straight up with your arms above your head or stand straight up with your arms above your head.

Complete the exercises as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. Don’t forget to record your reps in your workout notebook.

My scores:

  1. 8, 8, 8
  2. 50, 55, 63
  3. 52, 56, 60
  4. 20, 20, 22

Plank = 1 min and 29 sec Goal = 5 min

I’ve got a long way to go to meet my 5 minute goal.

Red heart

What’s your favorite exercise?

-I love any variation of the burpee. The burpee is a great full body workout.


  1. I think this tips can help me a lot. I wanna try to apply this. Thanks for sharing this to us.

    1. You're welcome. I hope you like the workout.

  2. I love making my clients do burpees, too! Best exercise.

    1. I agree. Burpees are tough, but effective.

  3. Burpees will always be the ultimate exercise! Great workout!

    1. Thanks, Angela. I agree, they are the ultimate exercise.



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