Chocolate Ridged Buttercream Technique

A few weeks ago, I wanted to try out a new buttercream technique on a strawberry cake. You know, the strawberry cake that failed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try out the technique and had to settle with cupcakes.

Yesterday, I finally was able to try out the new technique. It is a buttercream ridged technique.

Chocolate Ridged Buttercream Technique with spatula

*This picture was taken at room temperature.*

I used my favorite chocolate buttercream instead of my usual buttercream recipe because I didn’t have enough powder sugar. I’m not sure if I like how it turned out.

I love this technique, but I think I would like it more on a white buttercream cake. The ridged technique gives the cake a vintage look. At least it does on a white buttercream cake.

This 8” cake has 3 layers. The first and top layer is the traditional white wedding cake I made a few weeks ago (I freeze my cakes). The second layer is a chocolate chocolate chip cake. I crumb coated the cakes with left over buttercream (my usual recipe).

Crumb Coat

Then I added a thick layer of my favorite chocolate buttercream recipe and smoothed the frosting with a Viva paper towel once it had crusted.

Chocolate Ridged Buttercream Smoothed Cake

Chocolate Ridged Buttercream Technique (1 of 2)

I turned the cake stand in order to make the ridges while pressing the spatula into the frosting. I continued this until I got to the bottom of the cake. I also made ridges on the top of the cake.

Chocolate Ridged Buttercream Technique with spatula

To make the ribbon roses, I colored fondant (mixed with tylose) AmeriColor Deep Pink, rolled it out and cut thick strips.

Pink Fondant

Pink Fondant Ribbon Rose 1

I rolled one end toward the other end while pinching and pleating the bottom. This creates an open rose. Once it is rolled to the end, cut off the extra fondant just behind the rose. If you want a thicker rose, fold the fondant strip lengthwise and then start rolling. I let the fondant sit out for several hours to dry some before putting it on the cake.

Pink Fondant Ribbon Rose 2 (1 of 1)

Pink Fondant Ribbon Rose

Fondant Pink Ribbon Rose and Green Leaves

I colored a small amount of fondant AmeriColor Leaf Green, rolled out the fondant and used a Wilton leaf cutter to make the leaves. I used a fondant veining tool to draw veins on the leaves. If you do not have a leaf cutter and veining tool, shape the green fondant into a leaf shape (similar to a tear drop) and draw veins with the back of a small paintbrush.

Chocolate Buttercream Ridged Cake (1 of 6)

This picture was taken after being in the refrigerator for several hours. I think the cake would have looked better if the buttercream had some time to sit out.

Chocolate Buttercream Ridged Cake Pink Ribbon Rose

Chocolate Buttercream Ridged Cake Pink Ribbon Rose2

I will definitely use a vanilla buttercream the next time I do the ridged technique.

Birthday cake

What is your favorite buttercream decorating technique?

-I have a few more techniques I want to try, but right now I like the petal effect the best.


  1. I love this!!! Thanks for posting how to do it!!

    1. You're welcome, Sarah. I'm glad you like it. It's a pretty decorating technique and really easy to do.

  2. I was wondering how people were making their buttercream look like this! I love it! Great job! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I tried this out with a regular spatula and it didnt look right, now I know what to do!

  4. hola buenasnoches la tecnica es fantastica,aunque soy nueva en la reposteria, es algo que siempre me gusto,pero por falta de tiempo y bueno tambien de dinero,nunca lo puede hacer ahora no me sobra el dinero pero me sobra el tiempo, si hago horita limpiando alguna casas, pero soy feliz porque el estar leyendo metida en los blog de cada una de esta grandes reposteras que son unas artitas,he aprendido mucho y no pienso, que sera de mi futuro soy mayor,pero no soy vieja, no me he vendo abajo porque el estar aqui mirando esta flores,tartas.tantas cosas, me pregunto porque nolo hice antes,me hubiese evitado tantos disgustos,estoy casi todo el dia aqui mirando aprendiendo algunos dias practicando,y son mis regalos a mi amigas,para dia de su cumpleaƱos ahora son las 1:06 minutos y no me canso de ver los tutoriales,es que me parece increibles.gracias n saludo nidi

  5. i love this ridged effect with baby's breath. it just brings the whole vintage look together :)
    very beautiful effect though! now i know what to use thank you



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