Workout of the Week

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter. We had a wonderful Easter. My husband woke up early and made pancakes. We gave the kids pancakes, a small amount of syrup(first time having syrup) and a Peep. My son ate everything as usual. My daughter pushed away her pancakes and ate her Peep dipped in syrup. Yum. Sugar dipped in sugar.

After breakfast, the kids had a small Easter egg hunt. My daughter found most of the eggs. She can find anything. My son was happy with the few eggs he had found and sat back while my daughter brought back all of the eggs.

Before lunch, we went for a nice family walk. We bought the kids one of those huge wagons. Good times.

I have great news. I had an awesome run on Saturday. I ran 6.5 miles in 64 minutes. The time wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but the run felt good. I think my runs might be getting back to normal. At least, I hope they are.

Garmin 6.5 mile run

Also a couple weeks ago, I was asked to make a wedding cake. This will be my first wedding cake, so I’m a little nervous. They didn’t give me any direction toward design or flavor of the cake. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because I can make whatever I want. It’s bad because they might not like what I make. Oh well. I’m excited to make the cake.

This week I’m planning to make a practice cake with a new buttercream decorating technique. I want to make sure I get the flavor right. I’m planning to cover the wedding cake in fondant.

Workout of the Week Strip

Monday Home Workout: Total Body and Goal Run(done 8:59 min/mile goal 8:55 min/mile)
Tuesday HIIT
Wednesday Off
Thursday HIIT and Run
Friday Run
Saturday Run
Sunday Off

I know last week I mentioned working out only 4 days a week, but that didn’t happen. I just felt like I needed to workout/run. I think it was because my kids were very crabby. It was either relieve stress by running or eating an entire plate of brownies or drinking a bottle of wine at naptime. I chose the healthier option, even though I did eat more brownies than I should have.

Have a great week.

Red heartRed heartRed heart

How do you relieve stress?

---I like to run.


  1. Great run, girl! Your blog is too cute. I love that you are into cake baking and an RD- it's all about balance! I have a degree in dietetics so I will be continuing to read along your journey!

  2. Hey Molly, thanks for the comment. Cake decorating is a hobby I just recently discovered and now love. And you're right, it is all about balance.



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