My First Wedding Cake

Quilted Fondant Wedding Cake
Last Thursday, I spent all day putting together and decorating this wedding cake. I had baked the cakes the week before and made the fondant and buttercream frosting last Wednesday morning. It definitely helped to work ahead.
It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. It had been a few months since I decorated a cake with fondant. I’m happy with the way it turned out.
This was a surprise cake for the bride. The groom arranged for the cake to be made, but had not seen the design.
She was definitely surprised and they both loved the cake.
Quilted with Sugar Pearls Fondant Wedding Cake
The 8 inch bottom tier is a traditional white wedding cake layer and a rich chocolate cake layer with a strawberry mousse in the center. The 6 inch second tier are two rich chocolate cake layers with a chocolate mousse in the center. The 4 inch top tier are two traditional white wedding cake layers with chocolate mousse in the center.
The cake was crumb coated in a buttercream frosting and covered with a marshmallow fondant. I wrapped a light pink ribbon around the bottom of the cake tiers. I sugar glued the light pink pearls on the cake and ruffle flower. The ruffle flower is made of gum paste with a light pink sugar pearl center and a small amount of pearl dusting powder dusted on the edge of the petals.
Quilted Fondant Wedding Cake Flower
This was so much fun to make that I’m ready for my next cake. I have a ton of frosting and fondant left over, so I plan to make another fondant covered cake soon.
Birthday cake
What are you favorite cake and filling flavors?
What style of wedding cake do you prefer?
-I like the vintage, modern and a simple elegant cake.


  1. What a beautiful cake! Amazing! Bet it tastes good too :)

  2. Simple elegance at its best.!!! I was wondering.. You said the cakes were filled with mousse does that mean you refrigerated the cake after decorating it with mmf.? I am new to the cake world and i wanted to know how well mmf holds in the fridge. Please help!! Thank you for sharing all your great tutorials they have really helped.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I refrigerated this cake after covering it with the fondant. I've never had a problem keeping my fondant covered cakes in the refrigerator. When you take a fondant covered cake out of the refrigerator try not to touch the cake. There is a chance it will have condensation on the fondant and it will leave finger prints. Don't worry the cake will dry and look fine. I live in a very dry area so there are times when the fondant has small cracks, if this happens take a small amount of shortening and rub over the cracks on a dry cake. It should help. I don't recommend keeping a fondant covered cake in a cake carrier in the refrigerator. In my experience, it has caused the cake to have more condensation. I also do not recommend putting your gum paste decorations in the refrigerator because it can cause it to soften some. Again, this has been my experience. I always put my gum paste decorations on last. I hope this helps.

  3. will the fondant sweat tho? after its been refrigerated?, and will it dry off just like that?

    1. Yes, it can sweat. I have noticed the more humid it is the more likely it will sweat. I live in a dry area, so my cakes don't sweat much. It will dry on its own. I recommend you don't touch the fondant if it is wet because it will leave finger prints and other marks on the cake.



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