Home Workout: Treadmill Pyramid Intervals

Seeing the pediatrician is always an adventure with two toddlers. Their well check appointments are scheduled for an hour and it always takes us about an hour and a half to get through it all.

Today, they cried the entire hour and a half. When one baby cried the other cried. It was like they teamed up against the doctor and me.

Thankfully the kids are healthy, they received their last shots until they go to school and we don’t have to go back until they are two. Yay!

Morning Milk

My husband thinks it’s weird that I didn’t use their first name in my earlier posts. He’s right, it is weird.

This is a picture of Elena and Sam (Samuel) drinking their milk while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They love that show. We let them watch an episode in the morning after they wake up and about 10 minutes before bed. They really only watch about 5 minutes of it before running off to play. They never sit still.


Home Workout Treadmill Pyramid Intervals

The workout I created this week is a treadmill pyramid intervals. Adjust the speed to match your fitness level and increase the time for a warm up and cool down if needed. You will have a work interval followed by a recovery interval. Rate Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale is based on the intensity of your exercise. This scale is based on 0-10-- with 0 no exertion (sitting), 3 moderate (walking), 5 moderate heavy (running), 8 hard (able to say few words while running) and 10 hardest (full on just robbed a bank sprint).

Time Interval Speed RPE
0:00-4:00 warm up 5 3
4:00-7:00 W: moderate 7.5 7
7:00-10:00 R: moderate-light 6 5
10:00-12:00 W: moderate-hard 8 8
12:00-14:00 R: moderate-light 6 5
14:00-15:00 W: hard 8.5 9
15:00-16:00 R: moderate-light 6 6
16:00-16:30 W: max sprint 9 10
16:30-17:00 R: moderate-light 6 8
17:00-18:00 W: hard 8.5 9
18:00-19:00 R: moderate-light 6 6
19:00-21:00 W: moderate-hard 8 8
21:00-23:00 R: moderate-light 6 5
23:00-26:00 W: moderate 7.5 7
26:00-29:00 R: moderate-light 6 5
29:00-33:00 cool down 4-5 3


Red heart


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