Home Workout: 1000 Rep Summer Body Workout

Happy Monday!

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, which included an awesome 5 mile run on Saturday. It was a difficult run, but I felt strong and kept up a good pace.

Sunday’s run was once again awful. This time I decided to try a new route. I had to run on gravel, cross several busy streets and run through wind gusts. My legs felt tight and my breathing was off. Ugh.


For this week’s workout, I thought I would bump up the intensity with a 1000 rep workout. It is time to start focusing on getting ready for summer.

1000 Rep Summer Body Workout

For the single leg deadlifts, do 25 reps on the left side during rounds 1 and 3 and 25 reps on the right side during rounds 2 and 4. 

Go through each exercise 4 times as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. Remember to record your time in your workout notebook. This workout will seriously kick your butt. I was able to complete this workout in 25 minutes and 8 seconds.

Push hard through this workout and remember you will get back exactly what you put in.

Workout of the Week Strip

Monday 1000 Rep Summer Body Workout
Tuesday ZWOW 14
Wednesday Run Intervals
Thursday Off
Friday Run 5 miles
Saturday Off
Sunday Run 7 miles

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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