Baking and Other Random Topics

Wow, today has been a crazy busy day.

I have been cooking all day. Right after I woke up, I made 2 batches of fondant, 1 batch of buttercream and 2 4” cakes. I have a cake in the oven and one more to bake.

Oh, I have also been taking care of of these two silly babies.

S with popper

S is playing with his popper underneath my dip station.

E in Time Out

E is in time out and about to show me her belly button for the 50th time today. She is so funny. She pulls up her shirt, points to her belly button and says ‘ight dare (right there).

I did manage to get a workout in when they went down for their nap. I did Zuzana Lights ZWOW #13 workout. It was tough. I love her workouts. My legs were shaking and my abs were burning.

This past weekend, I finally spent my Christmas Amazon gift card. I bought 3 cake pans, a food color kit and fondant cutters.

Xmas Loot

I also bought 4 Kindle books, 2 are on running, and a paperback on Lightroom 3.

I haven’t read a running book in years. I bought Sole Sisters: Stories of Women and Running and Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line – and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity.

I started Train Like a Mother last night and realized the excerpt is in April’s Runner’s World. So far I like the book.

Did anyone see last night’s Biggest Loser? OMGoodness what is with this season’s contestants. I cannot believe Conda is still on the show. And wow Kim lost 15 pounds. That is a lot of weight in a week.

Red heart

Do you use a Kindle or some other electronic device to read? –I love my Kindle.

Do you read running or sports related books?

Anyone watching Biggest Loser? What do you think of this season’s contests?


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