Vertical Ruffle Birthday Cake

Last week, I was asked to make a cake for a monthly birthday celebration at my husband’s work. They requested a chocolate and strawberry cake with buttercream frosting.

I decided to use my new 8 inch round, 3 inch deep pans. The cakes were good, but didn’t turn out like my usual 2 inch cakes. Next time I use these pans, I plan to tweak my cake recipe and baking time.

Vertical Ruffle Birthday Cake

I like how this cake turned out. The ruffles were fun and easy to make. I crumb coated the cake then used a Wilton 104 tip to make the ruffles. I held the bag parallel to the cake with the thin opening of the tip pointed toward me and the fat end next to the cake. While squeezing the bag, I moved it about an inch to the right then back to the left layering the icing. I continued this until I reached the top of the cake. I moved only my arms and kept my wrists still. The candle and stars were made from gum paste.

I recommend trimming the cake board to the size of the cake prior to adding the ruffles. It gives the cake a polished look. I didn’t trim the cake board because the cake was being transported.

Vertical Ruffle Birthday Cake Layout

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Birthday cakeBirthday cakeBirthday cake

Did you ever have to make changes to your recipes when using different pans?


  1. hi,all your cakes look so an amateur cake decorator.can u tell me the colour you used on this cake pls?

    1. Thank you. I was trying to make a teal/turquoise color and used Wilton's Lemon Yellow and Sky Blue. Here is link to Wilton's Icing Color Chart



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