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Sugar Snap Peas... Yum

Here are some links I loved reading this week. I included links on nutrition, fitness, cake, toddlers and more.

I highly recommend you watch Kony 2012 youtube video. Let’s spread the word and make him famous.

Learning and development activities for toddlers. A list of learning activities for young children.

Give me a BIG piece of chocolate-blog tutorial. This is a cute cake tutorial.

Tabata sprints. A highly effective fat burning workout.

How to build a light box: photography. This tutorial is easy to follow. A light box is great for photos taken when natural light is not available.

Tips on how to manage college/life balance. These tips can apply to all situations.

Let's put a stop to "pink slime" on school lunch trays. Information on pink slime.

The complete guide to workout nutrition(infographic). Good information on pre and post workout nutrition.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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